Villa Ticca, built in 1929 by ingenious Giovanni Maria Ticca, count by pontifical decree, is the magnificent liberty style residence that triumphs over Cala Gonone and that since 1988 opens its gates to welcome the jazz festival, which, with it, has created a historical and indissoluble bond. The courtyard, on two levels, houses a small citrus grove, two evergreen trees and an imposing fountain that bear witness to the long and interesting life of this villa whose corridors have been trampled by prestigious figures like the king of Italy Umberto and his wife Maria José, several noblemen and artists Costantino Nivola and Mario Delitalia who in turn have increased their beauty, painting on the walls of the frescoes and leaving a visible trace of the ascendancy that this beautiful mansion has on the creativity of its visitors, including musicians of the Cala Gonone Jazz Festival