Gino has given us a priceless gift, his shots are the repository of a historical memory of the festival and hardly, a work so painstaking, meticulous, full of enthusiasm and love for music can never be replicated. His friendship, as well as his extraordinary vision of the artists and the places that welcomed them, Cala Gonone in the first place, are irreplaceable. For this reason every year we honor his work and his passion for photography with the permanent exhibition “No flash, please!” So that his work should not only be celebrated by our association, but that it can become heritage of the festival and the his guests.


Article from “La Nuova” of 2 September 2004

NUORO Gino Crisponi died., born in Mamoiada 53 years ago, but Nuorese by adoption, very well known, worked as a health inspector employed by ASL nº 3. He was also an expert mycologist Eclectic personality, has always been distinguished by the multiplicity of interest, artistic sensitivity, curiosity and the great passion for photography, of which he was a deep lover as well as a skilled technician, his other great love was music, and in particular jazz. founding partner in 1987, with Pasquale Mascia and Giuseppe Giordano, of the association ‘IntermezzoAd’ Intermezzo “goes the merit of being able to organize in Nuoro, and in other centers of the provincial territory, the jazz festival. In addition, Gino Crisponi and his colleagues owe the successful event of “Calagonone Jazz”, which this year reaches its 15th edition, always registering a resounding success.It was part of the band of Nuoresi musicians who participated in the filming of the remarke of the film shot a year ago by Madonna on the beach of Cartoe, with the performance of a mambo.A piece of the fifties launched by the singer Billie Dalle Reese.Gino Crisponi, asked by the production of the film, managed to put together the 11 components The orchestra is all Barbaricina and it is always Gino Crisponi who designed and produced the volume ‘Cala Gonone Jazz 1988-2001’, which collects the most beautiful images of the artists who took part in the various editions of the jazz festival, immortalizing singers and musicians, including Lester Bowie and Betty Carter. Two large. Together with Billy Cobhan and Mike Stern, Mc Coy Tyner, Don Moye and Jhon Patitucci, Henry Texier, Steve Lacy and Franco Cerri. All this by doing all kinds of sacrifices, putting us body and soul for the success of festivals and concerts, even when the professionalism of ‘Intermezzo “still can not find the necessary space in the cultural programming of the island.”



CALAGONONE 1988-2001

From 1988 to 2001 all the photos of Gino Crisponi collected in a book that tells the festival of intermezzo in Calagonone.