Antonio Ciacca – piano, Roberto Bonisolo – alto sax, Lucio Ferrara – guitar, Nicola Muresu – double bass, Adam Pache – drums.

An early evening of great jazz with an impression of overseas at the Teatro Comunale, Thursday, July 20 at 22.00. The maestro Antonio Ciacca re-embraces the audience of the festival of Cala Gonone with “Volare, the Italian American Songbook” a record composed in the United States and proposed by the pianist with a different training, but the same spirit. A cultural contamination that travels through the indefinite and deepest regions of the soul, touching the most harmonious strings: time that flows and tells, nostalgia, sublimation in music, jazz tradition




Luigi Tessarollo  jazz guitar– Roberto Taufic – classic guitar.

The evenings at sunset at the Aquarium open with the expected and inevitable tastings and the music of Luigi Tessarollo and Roberto Taufic in duo, at 7.00 pm. A concert that is not lacking for the class and skill of the two artists. Luigi Tessarollo, considered by the critics among the best jazz guitarists in Italy and Roberto Taufic, born in Honduras, who lived in Brazil, but of Palestinian origin who made these cultural and stylistic riches in music. The joyful, rhythmic and at the same time lyrical repertoire offers an exciting concert based mainly on the performance of pieces taken from the two recording works (“Jogo de cordas” and “Painting with strings”) with numerous original compositions and some jazz standard arrangements for a impeccable execution of the two guitars. The two instruments are combined and mixed with a taste capable of embracing the fans of the most diverse musical genres. The choice and execution of the pieces brings out the different expressive, improvised, compositional and arrangement personalities of the two musicians.



MIKE STERN elettric guitar, RANDY BRECKER elettric trumphet , TEYMUR PHELL bass, LENNY WHITE drums

For this second evening (22.00) there will be held firmly to the seats when the stage of the Teatro Comunale will be trampled by the monsters of fusion and jazz-rock. Randy Brecker, Mike Stern, Lenny White and Teymur Phell in a quartet already highly acclaimed and finally landed in Sardinia to the delight of the great fans. Mike Stern, one of the most respected electric guitarists of his generation, presents an unprecedented quartet in his name and the great trumpeter Breker. The latter helped shape the sound of jazz, R & B for four decades first with his brother, with different formations and alongside legendary names including Zappa and Cobham. Lenny White, to the drummer, is described as “one of the founding fathers of jazz fusion”. Teymur Phell, on bass, arrives from the New York scene, where he built his reputation by collaborating with some big names on the international jazz scene.




Luisa Cottifogli – voice, Gabriele Bombardini – guitars, Andrea Bernabini – video installation

The Cottifogli in the cave had already left us astonished as children with the Youlook in 2015, combining singing and music with performing arts and narration that transcends all forms of rhetoric and morality to express themselves freely through words, gestures and verses. Saturday, July 22nd in the Grotte del Bue Marino, the voice (in several languages) of the Quintorigo, Youlook, Metissage, Marlevar and many others brings with it part of the Rumì project “‘E Rumì d’ Santa Mareja” a character actually existed in 1800 on the streets of the lower Romagna, a beggar intent on chanting his prayer to the Madonna at the markets or on the threshold of the houses, in order to receive a piece of bread in return. The world seen through the eyes of a simple and wandering soul. It is a multimedia project, immersed in suggestive video-installations and ancient tales, between contemporary sounds and words from a past world. Written in the Romagna dialect, the pieces are taken from the poetic repertoire of the early ‘900 (Nettore Neri, Lino Guerra) and from a traditional repertoire of lullabies, nursery rhymes, dirindina, work songs that Luisa Cottifogli has known thanks to the ethnomusicological work -letteraria of Giuseppe Bellosi. The music is created by the artist in free association with the texts, through different languages: progressive, jazz, classic – contemporary, electronic music, passing from South American rhythms, African, shamanic to pure melody and improvisation.




Andrea Sanna – piano, Nicola Vacca – drums, Mauro Medde – bass


Wines, cheeses and breads typical of Dorgali, can be accompanied in this prelude to the evening by a trio of Sardinian formation, with the traveling mind and the heart always projected on the island. The SVM, from the names of Sanna, Vacca and Medde, present “The Ant” their new work in the form of a concept album “We chose an ant as a symbol of impotence before the immensity of the cosmos and the wings, for these unknown journeys, towards the infinite. “Incredible experimenters, the three make their debut thanks to the” Umbria Jazz “festival passing through collaborations with some international musicians and holding concerts in various Italian locations where they bring their first work with the homonymous title SVM. “What was recorded in our first work contained some peculiar aspects of the idea of ​​the project, of our personal tastes, of our language and of our intentions that, after two years from the first work, have evolved, strengthened and multiplied.” Starting from the sound, one of the most important aspects in their compositional work, then they work on rhythm and the evolution of a compositional language based on the transmission of emotions that can tell. The distorted sound, a consequence of the more recent compositions that require more sound pressure with incisive, contorted rhythms and with an overall aggressive sound due to progressive and jazz-core without neglecting improvisation. In some new songs there are archaic sounds derived from our Sardinian tradition as for example the guttural techniques of the tenore song or the Gavoi drum.



Bill Frisell guitar, Tony Scherr bass, Kenny Wollesen drums


The big names at the Teatro Comunale do not give a moment of respite and for the evening of Saturday 22nd, guitarist Bill Frisell will perform in a trio with Tony Scherr on bass and Kenny Wollesen on percussion.
Prolific and inspired guitarist-composer, Frisell crosses genres without losing identity and creative stimuli continues his journey around music. After over one hundred records among personal projects and collaborations with numerous artsti, including Paul Motian, Arto Lindsay, Elvis Costello, John Zorn, and Caetano Veloso, he is the last “guitar hero” of American music, the epigone of an artistic goes from Charlie Christian to Jimi Hendrix. Together with John Scofield and Pat Metheny, the most representative guitarist of his generation. Folk, country, pop and avant-garde are territories that the musician has explored in his long and prolific career. Territories that he uses to sculpt his pieces like a storyteller, bringing the viewer into a structured environment, leaving the imagination a free interpretation. The compositions for the trio are certainly among its most fascinating, able to integrate writing and improvisation in an engaging way, with an unmistakable sound, among the most brilliant of the musical production of the last decades.


Linda Oh – double bass, Ben Wendel – Sax, Matthew Stevens – guitar, Rudy Royston – drums


SIGN OF LIFE (Tribute to Pink Floyd)

Not wanting to leave you too early on this first Saturday for the 30 years of the festival, the night continues with two more concerts. We have selected two wonderful events to conclude with style this evening and from 22.30 in the central beach of Cala Gonone you can watch and enjoy for free the show of double bassist Linda Oh in quartet and follow the Signs of Life, all local band in a tribute to the immortals Pink Floyd.
Considered one of the great promises of the genre, of its rebirth and renewal, the talented Linda Oh, born in Malesya but growing in Perth in Australia and then trained in the United States. As a young music enthusiast, she studied piano and bassoon, while during her adolescence she experimented with the bass in a cover-band of Red Hot Chili Peppers where she explored her passion for the instrument, also using it for some jazz pieces. A finalist in the James Morrison Scholarship, he received the ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award in 2008. He also received an honorary mention at the Thelonious Monk Bass Competition and received the Bell Award in 2010 as a young Australian artist of the year. In 2010 she was nominated for the Jazz Journalist’s Award for Artist of the Year receiving the award of the First Prize as Acoustic Bass Rising Star in the Downbeat Critic’s poll.
The same year he took second place at the BASS 2010 Competition in Berlin. He composes music for various ensembles and short films.
He completed his studies in Manhattan in 2008 alongside big names in the field and at the moment, he supported his career as a musician with that of a teacher.
Despite her young age, Oh performed alongside big names like Joe Lovano, Steve Wilson, Vijay Iyer, Dave Douglas, Kenny Barron, Geri Allen, Fabian Almazan, Terri Lyne Carrington, Pat Metheny and many others. In 2009 he made his debut with the album “Entry” and in 2012 he released “Initial Here”.
His third work is “Sun Pictures”.
At the moment he is working on a trio album and is active in the Pat Metheny quartet.





The solitary navigator tells about his oceanic exploits

Last show for this first week of the Cala Gonone Jazz Festival, at the Teatro Comunale closes with a welcome presence, the dorgalese sailor Gaetano Mura in a show that combines the story of the company “Giro del Mondo” with the reading of the logbooks to care of the actor Giacomo Casti accompanied by the electronic dub of the musician Arrogalla, to the video projections of the extreme navigation in the ocean.
The appointment will be enhanced by an original and innovative sound project, conceived by the sailor and elaborated starting from the ocean audio recordings and edited by the sound designer Stefano Guzzetti, directed by Gianfranco Mura. Finally the story of the navigator through the dialogue with the writer / journalist Giovanni Maria Bellu. Giant waves, the dance of the albatrosses in the southern oceans, the daily life in the narrow spaces of the boat emerge in the film, recorded in extreme conditions, mounted by Giovanna Fancello and Giuseppe Boeddu. To retrace sensations and emotions experienced in the most inhospitable environments on the planet.




Gianluca Dessì (guitar), Nicola Casu (trumpet and voice)

The program for this 30th Cala Gonone Jazz Festival resumes on Friday 28th, when the Elva Lutza, the two-part guitar and trumpet training to which the association is particularly fond after the two shows for the Animanera Mediterranea kermesse with Ester Formosa in 2013 and Renat Sette in 2016.
Nico Casu, trumpet and voice, and Gianluca Dessì, mandola and guitar, active for years in the field of popular music, mix folk tradition (with particular attention to Balkan and Sardinian music) and jazz improvisation.
In these years of activity, the duo managed to catalyze the attention of the public and professionals. With the debut in 2011, he won the prestigious Andrea Parodi Award thanks to the song Deo Torro, which opens their eponymous debut cd, enthusiastically reviewed by national and European critics



Tony momrelle – voice, Emiliano Pari – keyboards, Christian M. Cardenas – guitar Julian Crampton – bass, Michel C. Rojas- drums

At the Municipal Theater, from 22.00 another young newcomer of Cala Gonone Jazz Festival, the soulful voice (former Incognito) Tony Momrelle. He is one of the most exciting and significant Soul musicians of the modern British scene.
He undertook some major tour with international artists such as Incognito, Earth, Wind and Fire, Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion, Janet, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Sade, Gary Barlow, Andrea Bocelli, Gwen Stefani, Robert Palmer, Gospel Entertainment Group Seven and many others. Tony was the lead male vocalist of the famous British band Acid-jazz Incognito for more than sixteen years before launching his solo career in 2015.
It has been defined by the prestigious The Guardian as the Stevie Wonder of the 21st century.




Baba Sissoko & Djana


On Saturday 29th, at the Grotte del Bue Marino, the griot rhythms of Baba Sissoko come back joyfully, now bound to this enchanted place.
The Malian multi-instrumentalist had let himself be inspired by every little nuance of the sound, obtaining in this way the participation of the spectators, including some children with whom he shared songs and smiles. Sissoko, in addition to his inseparable Tama and the Ngoni, arrives accompanied by his daughter Djana. Depositary of the oral tradition of West Africa, in jazz, blues and soul, the musician strengthens the identity and cultural image of his role as a narrator with the aid of popular instruments.
The nostalgia for the earth, the endless wandering, the experiences in every corner of the earth and the duty to preserve the cultural memory and pass it on to future generations starting from their daughter, are the primary constituents of the life of this extraordinary artist .



Jacopo Cullin & Francesco Abate

The lightness of the highlight of the day, that of the tastings at the Aquarium, meets the pressing, irreverent and exciting rhythms of the performance of the actor Jacopo Cullin together with Francesco Abate in “Bellepòc e s’Arrevesciu” inspired by the book of travel “Sea and Sardinia” by the writer DH Lawrence, a mise-en-scène in which the work turns into a tale of hyperbole generated by rumors and legends.
“In this unpublished text reveals the hidden truth about the actual reason why in January 1921 the great writer D.H. Lawrence decided to come to Sardinia and specifically to Cagliari. Alongside an official story, there is always a secret story, which in this case is the domain of a few and has been handed down only by mouth. For the first time this truth surfaced thanks to some testimonies gathered among the old patrons of Caffè Torino who swear that … “
The rest will be revealed to you on July 29th at 7.00pm.



Lars Danielsson – cello, Leszek Mozdzer – piano, Zohar Fresco – percussions

Infatuated since its first time in Cala Gonone, the pianist Leszek Możdżer did not want to miss the thirtieth year of the festival and he pays homage to us with a trio completed by Danielsson on cello and Fresco on percussions, on this second last night at the Teatro Comunale starting from 22 , 00.
After a piano comparison with Gloria Campaner and the year after, in 2015 with the original “Heart of Stone” project (aired on Sky Arte) in collaboration with the late Pinuccio Sciola, for a study on the sounds and potential of the stones sonore, the composer and producer, returns to Sardinia. The Trio Dream Team tested and welded since 2004, creates a light, dynamic dream aimed at reflection and interpretation.
As in a poem, fantasy does not discuss with discipline and their more creative vision is accompanied by a more intellectual reading.
Each musician gives a part of himself to the project: Możdżer celebrates the sound and the tone. It activates and satisfies the senses through color infused music.
Danielsson is an unpretentious master, creator of atmospheres. It offers simple, optimistic and carefree tones, nostalgic and full of musical reflexes.
Fresh, vivify the delicate and sensitive history of Poland. Impulsive artist, his style not only stimulates every recess of the soul, but penetrates in an almost disturbing way.




Inês Franco – voice, Telmo Sousa – guitar, Greg Gottlieb – bass, Joseph Costi – keyboard, Ben Brown – percussions

Last appointment at the Grotte del Bue Marino on this Sunday at the end of July, when the ferries of 11.00 will lead us to the most evocative natural auditorium of the festival.
At their first debut in Sardinia, exclusively for the jazz festival of Cala Gonone i Caravela, training based in London with Brazilian and African musical roots, the heart of this young band is full of creativity and the ardent fervor resulting from naturally jazz improvisation .
By weaving Portuguese melodies around the vibrant South American and African rhythms, their music is sensitive and full of passion, energy and life. Like the ships that take their name, the caravels, the Caravela leave for unknown territories.
Exploring the music that others have left behind or simply forgotten, they give new voice to songs deliberately neglected for too long by the market and the critics.



Larissa Belotserkoskaya –piano recital


Last tasting together and to mark this leave until next year, in addition to the excellent products of Dorgali, the romantic and sweet plan of Larissa Belotserkoskaya from 19 to the Aquarium.
The virtuoso musician reinterprets the composers Schubert, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Glinka, Gryaznov with precision, technique and talent, in an execution that has nothing ordinary.
At four he began studying the piano and the unstoppable musical career. Subsequently he enters the “Gnesin” Academy of Music taking lessons from great masters of the school. After obtaining his degree he specializes at the Tchaikovski Conservatory in Moscow. Today he lives in Peru where he actively participates in the cultural life of the country developing simultaneously his work as a soloist along with his activity in the Sociedad Filarmónica del Perú.



Original production 30 Calagonone Jazz festival

Ariel Horowitz & Battista Giordano Euramerican Quintet

Ariel Horowitz I° violin, Piotr Marciak violin, Carlos Garfias viola, Tomasz Wiroba cello, Battista Giordano composition and  guitar

The curtain of this XXX edition closes at the Teatro Comunale at 22.00 with the original production of the festival, Krónos and Kairós, written by Battista Giordano for the thirtieth anniversary, will see on the stage the Euroamerican Quintet led by the extraordinary violinist Ariel Horowitz and from the same Giordano. The five musicians will present in absolute premiere the two conceptions of the time in Greek mythology: Krónos and Kairós, the quantitative duration of Kronos and the movement of time that coincides with the eternal of Kairos. The formation composed of musicians coming from two continents, with a curriculum of the highest international level, contemplates Ariel Horowitz, international violin promise graduated with Iztak Perlmann at the Julliard School, the composer Battista Giordano, the great violist Carlos Garfias, the excellent violinist Piotr Marciak and the extraordinary cellist Tomasz Wiroba both members of the prestigious Krakow sinfonietta.