n the late afternoon, the event moves to the Aquarium of Cala Gonone, where the festival uses the back of the structure as a gathering place for concerts, readings and performances, as well as for tastings of typical Dorgali products (wines, cheeses, salami and bread). ). The aquarium was inaugurated in 2010. Visited by thousands of people throughout the year, it is also used by schools as a tool for getting to know the most representative marine world in Sardinia. From that precise point, surrounded by the warm Mediterranean vegetation, the open space overlooks the Gulf of Orosei, offering a breathtaking view, offering images worthy of the best literature. From the meeting of the mountains to the sea, to the sun hiding first among the rocks, peeping out between the cistus, the broom and the rosemary, filling up with those scents and then falling asleep inside the crystal waters.